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12/12/2018 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  Egyptian police have announced that they have killed two gunmen believed responsible for the November 2nd attack against Christians traveling to St. Samuel Monastery. Shortly after this November incident, Egypt had announced that it had killed nineteen suspected ISIS militants responsible for the attack.

Meanwhile, the road to St. Samuel Monastery has partially reopened following protests from nearly a dozen monks. Initially, security forces had completely closed the road which left the monks at St. Samuel without access to supplies. An agreement has since been brokered which allowed workers, supplies, and relatives of the monks to travel along the road. Churchgoers, however, are still not allowed to visit St. Samuel Monastery. No clear framework has been decided which would provide reliable security along the road.

Overall, Egypt’s response to the November attack has drawn sharp condemnation from many. The rights of Christians are heavily restricted in Egypt, and the government helps foster an environment which gives rise to the extremism which violently targets Christians. There are also some concerns among local Christians that the denial of due process during the investigation into the latest attack may further incite tension targeting Christians.

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