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12/9/2018 Thailand (International Christian Concern) – Due to the intense persecution faced by Pakistani Christians each day, many have decided to leave their homeland to find refuge in a foreign country. This has left hundreds of Pakistani Christians that have left everything behind stranded in Thailand as they likely face detentions and deportations.

Although most of the Pakistani Christians who arrived Thailand do not see Thailand as their final destination, and instead planning to continue the journey to seek refuge in Europe, many fail to acquire refugee status from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Because of this, many end up in detention cells to further suffer horrifying conditions as they await deportation.

International Christian Voice Chairman Mr. Peter Bhatti explained that the problem is that Pakistani Christian asylum seekers have little education and often cannot explain what happened to them. Due to this they become confused during the UNHCR interview process and fail to give satisfactory answers.

Recently there have been several attempts by the Thai police to crackdown on the Pakistani asylum seekers community. Many fear that them being arrested means the end to their pursuit of better lives in a third country and the beginning of months if not years in detention.

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