Trafficking of the Majority Christian Kachin People

12/8/2018 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – As China’s population suffers from a proportionately larger male population than female, it has given rise to a trafficking industry that targets tens of thousands of poor women from neighboring countries to be sold as brides each year.

A recent study showed that thousands of women and girls from northern Myanmar are being sold and forced to marry in China. Northern Myanmar is home to the Kachin ethnic group. The vast majority of the Kachin people are Christians and have suffered a long conflict with the Burmese army.

In the research conducted, it was estimated that 7,500 women from war-torn Kachin state are victim to forced marriages in China. The study also found that the majority of those trafficked were also forced to carry children for their husbands. Often women are sold on to new husbands after bearing children and forced to carry children for their new husbands as well.

This violation of human rights is fueled by the conflict, displacement and poverty suffered by the Kachin ethnic group and that traffickers have taken advantage of the demand caused by the gender imbalance experienced in China. Due to the political instability and conflict in the northern Myanmar state, security for women is a challenge.

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