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12/05/2018 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Ebrahim Firouzi is an Iranian Christian convert who has been detained in prison since 2013. His mother, Kobra Kamrani, passed away from cancer this week and her funeral was held yesterday. She had repeatedly appealed to the courts that her son be allowed to visit her, since she was too sick to go to prison.  The requests were denied. Her funeral was held before Ebrahim was able to apply for permission to attend.

The Iranian authorities have treated Ebrahim especially harsh. In addition to denying him leave to visit his dying mother, they have also denied him medical care. He faces national security related charges and is being held in Rajai Shahr Prison. This prison is widely known for its human rights abuses and is where the government sends prisoners into exile.

Isolation is a dominant feature of the Iranian regime’s strategy against Christianity. The regime also publicizes high profile arrests in an attempt to keep the church underground. The pressure against the church has grown significantly within the last year. Iran rates as number 10 on the Open Doors Watch List of countries where the persecution of Christians is most intense.

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