Asia Bibi and Family Remain in Danger in Pakistan

12/01/2018 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – It has been over a month since Asia Bibi has been acquitted of blasphemy charges after being on death row for nearly a decade. Yet she still has not be reunited with her children in order to protect their safety.

Esha and Eisham, Asia’s two children, have not been able to physically see her, but they have spent time talking on the phone with their mother since her release. Since her arrest in 2010, Joseph Nadeem has been helping take care of her family and ensure their safety.

Nadeem spoke with Aid to the Church in Need, a Catholic charity, about some of the challenges the family has faced in the days following Asia’s acquittal. “As soon as Asia was acquitted, we had to flee,” Nadeem shared. In recent days, the violence has continued to increase.

Since the acquittal, the family has had to change homes four times. Nadeem shared that “Islamists hunt us down and every time we realize that we are in danger we immediately run away. We can’t even go and buy food. I only go out at night with my face covered.”

In spite of the challenging circumstances, Nadeem shared that the family is remaining strong and grateful for the support of the intentional community. “All of us, including Asia, are grateful to those who raise their voices to denounce our situation,” Nadeem said.

When asked about Asia’s faith, Nadeem shared, “She is an incredible woman! She has kept an unshakable faith and an infinite trust in the Lord. It may seem strange but it is she who supports us in these difficult times. She invites us not to be discouraged and says that compared to what she has been through so far; this is only a brief moment that will pass.”

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