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11/28/2018 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, has offended both Christians and Muslims by claiming that there is no historical record of Jesus Christ. This claim, made in a November 20 speech by Prime Minister Khan, has been viewed as a direct attack on Christianity by the country’s Christian minority.

The claim that there is no historical record for Jesus has been globally criticized by both Muslims and Christians. According to Muslim scholars, Jesus is referred to in the Quran 187 times and is considered to be a prophet of Islam. In addition to the Biblical accounts of Jesus, Christian scholars have referenced the historical works of Flavius Josephus and Tacitus both of which make reference to Jesus.

In Pakistan, Christians faces widespread discrimination because of their faith. This discrimination, which views Christians as untouchables, has forced the majority of their community to live on the bottom rung of Pakistani society working as street sweepers, sewer workers, and domestic servants.

When Prime Minister Khan came to power, he stated, “I am saying to you today that, for the first time, Pakistan’s policies won’t be for the few rich people, it will be for the poor, for our women, for our minorities, whose rights are not respected.

The claim made by Prime Minister Khan that there is no historical record for Jesus only reinforces the negative image of Christians in Pakistan and runs counter to his declaration that he would respect the rights of minorities.

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