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11/20/2018 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  A young man who broke into a Cairo church and injured two Christians has had his case transferred to the prosecution. An investigation is reportedly being made as to whether he committed this act of violence because of extremism or mental illness.

The Church of St. George was broken into by the intruder on November 11th. He was holding a Koran and shouting Islamic slogans. Updated reporting from Watani says that the intruder had injured two men assigned to bake the communion bread and had even made his way into the church, where only a few worshipers were gathered. When subdued by the police, he reportedly asked them to let him “kill the infidels… otherwise you will become infidels like them.”

Christians have repeatedly voiced concerns that police are willing to dismiss these types of cases citing mental illness rather than address the Islamic extremism which drives these incidents. Egypt’s Christians have experienced intense levels of violent persecution which has only worsened in recent years. Egypt rates number 17 on Open Doors Watch List, which measures persecution of Christians worldwide.

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