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11/18/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – The Church in the U.K. is urging for people to pray for persecuted Christians in Nigeria. Anglican Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, stated that in his church, “[he] is raising an alarm – if the government will listen.”

In October 2018, Fulani militants killed dozens of Christians and burned down multiple churches. Just last month, over 50 Christians have been killed at the hands of Fulani militants. This month, Fulami militants attacked and killed seven farmers in Kaduna before running off to what the Nigerian police are calling a “no-go” area.

Release International’s chief executive, Paul Robinson, asked, “How could Nigeria allow no-go areas where militants can hide?”

Robinson continued stating, “These murderous raids beg important questions. Why is the military apparently powerless to stop the slaughter of unarmed farmers? Who is arming and training these Fulani militants? And whose agenda does this killing of mainly Christian communities serve?”

Release International and the U.K. Church are just two of the many religious organizations and churches praying and advocating for Christians living in Nigeria.

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