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11/16/2018 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – Jemaah Fisabilillah Pulau Pinang, a Muslim organization, threatens the Malaysian authorities that they will take action if authorities fail to persecute those behind the distribution of Bibles at a Penang school.

The alleged distribution of Bibles at a school in Penang has caused the Muslim community in Malaysia to be greatly angered and poised to take action against the Christians and distribution of Bibles. Leaders of the Muslim community reportedly state that “authorities need to remind the public that Islam is the country’s official religion” according to The Malaysian Insight.

Jemaah Fisabilillah stated that “We have thousands of members. So far, we can keep them in check. If the authorities can’t resolve this issue, people will start to voice their anger”.

In Malaysia, religion remains a highly sensitive issue. Christians that share their faith are not tolerated by Muslims as it is considered an offense to the Muslim community.

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