Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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11/15/2018 Jordan (International Christian Concern) –  King Abdullah II of Jordan traveled to the US to officially receive the 2018 Templeton Prize for his efforts at achieving interfaith harmony and protecting religious freedom. King Abdullah’s efforts at interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Christians gained momentum in 2004 and he continues to promote programs towards this goal.

Jordan ranks number 21 on Open Doors Watch List, which measures the persecution of Christians worldwide. A number of other Middle Eastern countries rate ahead of Jordan, making the country an unusual presence in the region.

Like other Middle Eastern countries, Islam is declared the official state religion of Jordan and Christians report discrimination from local authorities. Converts from Islam face the more difficult challenges, both from their family and the legal arena. Regulations regarding church registration can also be difficult for believers to navigate.

However, many Christians report that their presence is welcomed and greatly appreciated at a senior level. In the past, there are examples of cases of persecution which happened on a local level being remedied when promoted to a more senior level. While some Jordanian Christians have left the country because of persecution, overall, their situation is recognized as being better when compared to those elsewhere in the region.

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