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11/12/2018 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Mohabat News reports, that inside Iran, fresh media attacks singling out evangelical Christianity have been on the rise. This latest wave is because of the Iranian clerics who have publicly voiced concerns that Iranians are withdrawing from Islam and instead choosing to convert to Christianity.

The corruption of Iran’s Islamic clergy has led to both moral and economic bankruptcy that has been widely condemned by Iranians, especially the youth. Exhausted by the harsh Islamic environment which the clergy seeks to protect, many Iranians are instead looking for answers outside of Islam. They are curious about their country’s history before Islam, and they learn that Iran’s history included at one point a strong Christian presence. This in turn has opened the door for the spread of the Gospel inside Iran.

The Iranian clergy is clearly worried about their increased loss of spiritual influence over the population. Massive waves of unrest have plagued the country over the past year, further contributing to a destabilized political environment. As the Iranian clergy and political elite seek to reestablish their grip on the country, the persecution of Christians has only intensified.

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