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11/12/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East, followers of Islam are growing weary of their religion. They have witnessed the true nature of Islam at the hands of ISIS, Fulani militants, and other violent groups, and are not impressed.

The growth of such radical groups has left many moderate Muslims searching for something more. In turn, this has produced fertile ground for the Church to grow. Evangelists and pastors have been working faithfully to spread the Gospel among those most eager to hear it.

As a result, Muslims are turning to Christ in record numbers. Please consider joining us as we attempt to reach Muslim communities with the hope of Jesus. Through Christian radio broadcasts and the distribution of Bibles, the Gospel will continue to touch the hearts of those longing for more. Your gift to the Underground Pastors Fund allows us to:

  • $75 – Sponsor an evangelist for an outreach event that reaches hundreds of Muslims
  • $100 – Sponsor a Gospel broadcast into Iran
  • $700 – Support an underground pastor in Iran for 1 month

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