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Mass Sentencing of Upper Egypt ISIS Cell

11/10/2018 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  Thursday, an Egyptian court sentenced 65 individuals accused of establishing an ISIS terrorist cell in Upper Egypt, reports The Defense Post. 18 of these defendants received a sentence of life imprisonment (25 years) and 41 of the defendants received 15-year prison terms.

Mass sentencing has become commonplace in Egypt. Following Friday’s attack by ISIS on a bus caravan of Upper Egypt Christians traveling to St. Samuel’s Monastery, the government has come under fresh, harsh condemnation for its failure to provide security and protect the rights of Christians. The reaction of the government in killing 19 suspected ISIS terrorists has drawn further condemnation of the government’s human rights record.

While officially a state secret, most of Egypt’s Christians live in Upper Egypt (which refers to the country’s south) and it is estimated that nearly half of the population are Christian. The close density of Christians and Muslims in an area widely known for its poverty and lack of education creates a number of challenges for those who live there.

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