Mob Attacks Christians with Hockey Sticks at Hotel in Agra

11/08/2018 India (International Christian Concern) – On October 30, 150 pastors and other Christian leaders were meeting for a day of prayer in the meeting hall of the Hotel Samovar when a mob of 30 Bajrangdal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists attacked.

The mob flooded the crowded room and began beating the Christians with hockey sticks, baseball bats, and pistols. There were many minor injuries as a result of the attack including bone fractures and bruising. Three Christians were severely injured. One of the three severely injured was a woman who was nine months pregnant. The others were two pastors, Pastor Sam t. Jacob and Pastor Ravi.

I was standing at the back of the hall in the basement,” Pastor Ranjith Singh, one of the attendees, told International Christian Concern (ICC). “I was terrified looking at this aggressive group of people, before even I could realize, they started beating everyone as they entered the into the hall, the attackers did not spare anyone including women and elderly people.

Pastor Sam, the event organizer and one of the Christians seriously injured, said, “It was clear that I was their prime target as group of Hindu radicals surrounded me hitting me. My wife, who is nine months pregnant, tried to rescue me but the mob pushed her to the ground.” Pastor Sam went on to say that he and his wife will be consulting a doctor to see how the baby is doing after the attack.

These days we hear news of pastors being beaten and churches being close down almost on a weekly basis” Pastor Singh said. “But this is the first time in Agra to have such heinous and brutal attack on the Christian community at a private place while having prayer meeting. Not only did they beat pastors and Christians, they also destroyed a PA system worth 150,000 INR, two guitars, a keyboard, and several mobile phones.

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