Removal of Catholic Nun Causing fear in Filipino Christians

11/06/2018 Philippines (International Christian Concern) –Patricia Fox, a Catholic nun and missionary in the Philippines, was in the middle of a legal battle after being ordered to leave the country for allegedly taking part in political activities against Rodrigo Duterte, the nation’s President. The Australian-born nun  has been serving in the Philippines as a missionary for 27 years.

After the renewal of her visa was denied several times, she was given 30 days to leave the country and return to Australia. She arrived at Melbourne on November 4.

As a result of her removal, it is causing fear among the church and current missionaries in the Philippines. A catholic source, whose name will be withheld for security reasons said that this is “a warning to anyone, especially foreigners, who dare to criticize the government of President Rodrigo Duterte.”

Another source stated all many foreign missionaries are worried, he said that “everyone tells them not to speak out because those who threw out Sister Patricia can do the same with others too: priests, nuns or lay people.”

Now, anyone working for the church is asked to keep a low profile and avoid public criticism, fearing what could happen for those who do.

In a statement given to the news, Sister Fox stated “The fight will not end here. I will continue my mission with the poor…. I will not cease fighting against repression.” Sister Fox claims that the failure to renew her visa “is an attempt to suppress a religious apostolate that sides with the poor and oppressed.”

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