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11/07/2018 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  Egypt’s swift response in killing nineteen individuals suspected of being ISIS militants who attacked a Christian caravan on Friday continues to draw harsh condemnation from many.

Although ISIS was quick to accept responsibility for Friday’s attack, questions swirl about the nature of the militants’ involvement. According to a report released by Mada Masr, ISIS’s claim of responsibility contained a reference to retaliation for security forces holding their “chaste sisters.” Speculation persists on whether this is a reference to either Muslim Brotherhood arrests the day before or the two arrested women behind the failed August attack on the Virgin Mary Church.

Meanwhile, Libyan military sources noted an investigation into a captured al-Qaeda source who recently told them that he was planning violent attacks in Egypt at the end of October. Al-Qaeda does not normally target civilians in Egypt but this source has a reputation of working in close proximity to ISIS as well. There is some speculation that a new group has been formed so that ISIS in Egypt can resume its strategy to target Christians.

The Middle East Center also reports that the photos purporting to show the deaths of the nineteen ISIS militants appear staged in a manner which mirrors past examples of Egyptian security forces executing suspected terrorists.

As these questions persist about the driving forces behind Friday’s attack, one thing is clear: Christians in Egypt are not safe. Small protests erupted over the weekend from Christians who were demanding answers and that the government take a serious stance at protecting their rights and security.


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