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11/05/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) –  This past weekend in Nigeria a team of Christian pastors and Islamic clerics came together to begin and to promote a new peace campaign within the nation. The team wants to help educate Nigerians so that Christians can better understand the Muslim community and Muslims can better understand the Christian community

The goal of the campaign is to help people learn to live in peace with one another, to teach youth to avoid violence and to abide by the law, and to teach the importance of forgiveness. The group states that both the Bible and the Quran teach unity and peace and to live in harmony with your neighbors.

The team plans to start their campaign in more troubled areas where the violence has increased in the past few years. They plan to start in Adara, Gbagyi, Hausa, and Fulani communities.

The campaign is a response to all the violence going on in Nigeria as a result of religious differences. An example of this violence is the 1,350 Christian Farmers that have been killed by Militant Fulani Herdsman for their faith in Jesus Christ from January to June 2018.

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