Australian Nun Denied Visa Extension in Philippines

11/2/2018 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – Sister Patricia Fox of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion congregation is leaving the Philippines after failing to get her visa extended. The missionary nun and human rights defender from Australia, spent the last 27 years in the Philippines, yet tomorrow she will be heading back to her hometown in the Australia.

Sister Patricia Fox filled out the application to have her visa extended, but the Bureau of Immigration denied her extension, forcing her to leave the country she has served in for so long.

In a statement given to the new, Sister Fox stated “The fight will not end here. I will continue my mission with the poor…. I will not cease fighting against repression.” Sister Fox claims that the failure to renew her visa “is an attempt to suppress a religious apostolate that sides with the poor and oppressed.”

Sister Fox hopes to come back to the Philippines when there is a new president elected who is “more receptive to dissent.” Sister Fox says that she is not giving up the fight, claiming that she is “forever a religious missionary nun.

A network of human rights activist is holding a protest in honor of the nun and the unfair treatment and injustice done to her. The church is encouraging both catholic and protestant believers to join in for the protest in her honor.

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