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Iraq Launches Campaign to Rebuild Mosul Churches

11/01/2018 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – On Wednesday, the Nineveh Governor released a statement saying that Mosul’s local government is making efforts to rebuild churches in West Mosul. The statement says that the Ninawa Governorate Office would begin with the oldest church destroyed by ISIS, the Immaculate Church. The statement adds that it is the hope that by rebuilding the churches, Christians will return to West Mosul.

Many Christians from Mosul have said that they will not return to the city, citing betrayal by neighbors during the ISIS period. They also say that violence towards Christians predated ISIS and the security of religious minorities was never guaranteed.

Mosul was declared liberated from ISIS in July 2017 after a three year occupation by the militants. However, West Mosul remains the most dangerous neighborhood in the city. Not only did it experience the most destruction, but ISIS militants continue to be discovered there on a frequent basis.

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