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If you missed it, you can read Part 1 here.

10/26/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – One of the men I met, a pastor named Jacob Machif, had just lost his wife and home in the attack. He said, “I was away from home when the attack took place, but my wife was home. They killed her and burned my house down.” Jacob was one of the pastors living at the church compound when we visited. He travelled with us to one of the farms that ICC developed in the region. He wanted to express his gratitude for helping those who lost their loved ones during these attacks.

This was the largest attack in Nigeria by Fulani militants in the past decade. Thousands of people were displaced from their homes. Families are now trying to sur­vive without their breadwinners or the land they normally farm. These are the families, like Jacob’s, that ICC is partnering with to help rebuild. These are the families that you are helping through donations to the Nigeria communal farms project.

At the time of writing, ICC has finished developing the first two farms. These farms were just the beginning and have helped us determine how to most effectively assist these suffering families. We are now prepar­ing to develop the next eight farms. To all of you who have already given to ICC’s com­munal farms project, we say a huge thank you! In only four months, you allowed us to meet 90% of our goal of funding all 10 farms! But we are not done. Any addi­tional funds will be used to increase these farms’ productivity and help the families that are part of the project. You can still get involved, or become more involved, by giving today!

The first two farms alone have helped nearly 1,000 people return from the brink of devasta­tion that they were pushed to after the attacks. The farms are currently in the hands of those who are best equipped to handle them: the farmers. They have been working and caring for their crops for several months now and are nearing the season of harvest. This will allow them to make money by selling the crops they have harvested, but will also ensure that they have food for their families.

Please continue to pray for the safety and security of these farms and the surround­ing communities. Pray for the pastors of these towns who must bury many of their church members, while preaching forgive­ness. And finally, please pray for a change of the hearts and minds of those who are committing these atrocities. Pray that they would see the life that is springing up from the pain that they have caused, and that it would lead them to repent.

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