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10/25/2018 Vietnam (International Christian Concern) – A protestant pastor imprisoned in Vietnam’s Central Highlands is being denied both hospital treatment and medicine from his family. Critics say that the refusal to allow medical treatment is revenge for the pastor’s human rights activism.

Pastor Nguyen Trung Ton is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence after being convicted of attempting to overthrow the government, a trumped up charge commonly used by Vietnam to silence critics.

During his time in prison, an old leg wound began to flare up. As Pastor Ton continues to serve his term in prison, his condition only grows worse and has already greatly restricted the pastor’s movement.

With Pastor Ton’s health rapidly deteriorating, mostly due to the poor living conditions endured in Gia Trung Prison Camp, prison officials have continued to not allowed doctors to treat him and kept Pastor Ton from being hospitalized. Prison officials have also denied Pastor Ton’s family the right to pay for the pastor’s treatment, even going as far as to return medicine sent by the family.

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