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10/23/2018 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – Missionaries in Mindanao, Philippines continue to face dangers as they are being targeted by security forces for harassment and prejudice. In 2011 an Italian missionary priest, Fausto Tentorio was killed and the crime remains unsolved to this day.

Sister Virgencita Alegado of the Religious Sisters of Mercy congregation warns that the violence that existed in the southern Philippines when Father Tentorio was killed still lingers. Those that are “actively living out the Gospel” live in fear and put their lives at risk according to a statement made by the Mindanao nuns organization.

Those who support justice, peace and human dignity such as religious freedom are subject to state-perpetuated political persecution according to the Ecumenical Bishops’ Forum. In a statement made to UCA News by the nuns from Mindanao, the administration of the Philippines is accused of “desecrating human life, trampling upon human rights, and is contemptuous of people’s faith in God”.

The Philippines continues to be a dangerous place for people of faith to operate. Three Catholic priests working in rural areas have been murdered over this past year. The persecution of the Church in Mindanao, as well as other parts of the country, is an everyday occurrence for believers in these regions.

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