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10/20/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In 2014, ISIS invaded Qaraqosh and displaced most of the city’s Christian population. For the last sev­eral years, Christians have been scattered all over Iraq and nearby countries. Now that Qaraqosh has been liberated from ISIS, some families are looking to return.

Unfortunately, there is little for them to return to. ISIS destroyed countless homes, businesses, and other types of infrastructure. In order to rebuild Qaraqosh, these families must have access to resources like clean water so that they can clean, wash, and drink safely.

Qaraqosh has some water that is sourced from Mosul; however, it is dirty and inconsistent. Whenever there is a lack of water in Mosul, officials will cut Qaraqosh’s water supply first. Independent wells are critical sources of clean and stable water flow for returning families.

Your dollars helped ICC provide a fifth well for the people of Qaraqosh. This well was dug at a school hosting more than 500 students. Over 30 families living nearby will also benefit from the well. While we cannot erase the memories that ISIS left these families with, we pray that this well will help make the transition back to Qaraqosh slightly easier.

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