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10/20/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – A Christian tribal chief has been kidnapped while returning from a visit with his state governor in Kaduna, Nigeria. Agom Adara, the chief, was returning to his village when gunmen attack his vehicles and killed his security team and driver. He had been visiting with Govenor El-Rufai to speak about the continual problem of Fulani militants in his chiefdom. Sources have told us that 55 people have been killed this year in his area, Kasuwan Magani.

His whereabouts are still unknown and it is unclear who took him. There have been speculations that this might be the work of Fulani militants due to the nature of the talks he had with the governor. However, from our sources, Govenor El-Rufai is threatening to arrest natives of that area in connection with the kidnapping. El-Rufai has been known to have a placated the Fulani militants in the past, paying ransoms for people and land in enormous amounts. This has left people wondering if he is avoiding blaming the Fulani militants for this most recent attack.

The convoy, which was made up of three vehicles, an SUV, a small Car, and a white van were left on the side of the road after the attack. The pictures show the men and some bystanders gruesomely shot to death. If El-Rufai did not listen to the pleas from Adara before, he certainly must listen and take action now against these kind of attacks.

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