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10/19/2018 China (International Christian Concern) – Less than a month after a provisional agreement was signed between the Vatican and Chinese government in the hopes to improve the Catholic Churches’ relationship with the countries regime, Chinese officials have begun to demolish more crosses and church structures. Even after the landmark deal was signed, China has launched a new campaign in provinces such as Zhejiang, Henan, and Guizhou to remove public symbols of Christianity.

Officials issued orders to local churches in these provinces to remove these Christian symbols displayed publicly, and began issuing fines as well. Some of these symbolic representations of Christianity had been forcibly removed and demolished by authorities, with much protest from local Christians in the community.

Officials justify their actions by stating these crosses were too obviously visible, and as three local Christians churches had crosses removed, the Catholic Church should not be exempted.

John, a member of China’s ‘underground’ Catholic Church fears the removal of crosses is only the beginning of a much larger communist party agenda. That Christianity conforms to the political party and its values, meaning that believers put the party first, and the church second.

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