Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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10/19/2018 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – In a recent statement by Archbishop Habib Nafali, he spoke out against the extreme persecution suffered by the church in Iraq and calling it genocide. According to Archbishop Nafali, Christians now only represent 1% of the current population of Iraq, shrinking from 1.5 million to 250,000. Archbishop Nafali warns that if this level of extreme persecution continues to exist, Christianity could be erased from Iraq.

According to Open Doors USA, Iraq is rated the 8th hardest place for Christianity to exist. The levels of persecution experienced are nothing short of crimes against humanity. This has caused many of Iraq’s Christian population to flee the country and become dispersed across the globe.

A decline in employment opportunities and quality education for Christians have prompted many to leave. Those that stay, face further persecution and an uncertain future in a country with a dwindling Christian population.

Many that have survived the harsh environment presented to Christians in a predominantly Islamic country must continue to fight for their faith. It is difficult to persevere, as many live with memories of martyrs and friends that have long since fled. The Christian community in Iraq hope that international pressure on Iraq’s government will provide greater support for Christians, including greater security.

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