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10/18/2018 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – A pledge made by Vice President Pence and the Trump administration a year ago to support Christians and other minority groups forced out of their homes by ISIS is now coming to fruition. With nearly $300 million of total funding and the Trump administration actively engaged on fulfilling its promise, programs to rebuild communities destroyed by ISIS and clear explosives left behind in fields that prevent agricultural development are being implemented.

Approximately 40,000 Christians have returned home after escaping persecution by ISIS. But even after ISIS presence in the region was removed, ISIS left the community devastated and with many challenges to overcome.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) are collaborating with groups such as the Catholic Group Knights of Columbus to effectively increase its efforts in northern Iraq. USAID continues to increase its effort to aid devastated communities by administrating programs on the ground and advocating efficiency.

In these post-ISIS community there is much to rebuild. Houses were damaged or destroyed, water supply sabotaged and explosive devices plague their fields. All of these challenges must be overcome in order to restore the lives of communities in the Nineveh Plains, home to many of Iraq’s religious minorities.

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