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10/17/2018 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was released this weekend from a two-year detainment in Turkey, shared in an interview with ABC that he is probably “one of the most hated men in Turkey”. After dedicating more than 20 years of his life to serve and share the Gospel with a country he loved, the Turkish government arrested Pastor Brunson and accused him of spying and having ties to terrorist groups.

Brunson states that he was never involved in anything political but only openly shared the message of Jesus Christ. Because of this, the initial arrest two years ago came as a shock to the entire Brunson family.

Although false accusations made by the Turkish government may have tarnished Pastor Brunson’s reputation in Turkey, since his release, he has had the opportunity to meet and pray with President Trump in the Oval Office where he was welcomed home.

Pastor Brunson says that it was through prayer that he survived his time in prison, alienated from his inmates by language, culture, and false accusations. Ultimately, Pastor Brunson believes that God has used his time in prison, a cause of much pain, to bless Turkey as now “there are millions of people who pray for Turkey”, a country he and his family still love.

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