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10/15/2018 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – A year-long inquiry into the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh has been further set back to December to allow for a key police witness to testify. Commissioner Mah Weng Kwai states that the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, Suhakam, has no control over the delay and is worried that the delay would be interpreted poorly on his part.

Koh’s abduction occurred Feb 13 of last year and only recently was an inquiry into the case reestablished after much pressure from Koh’s family. Before several weeks ago, the police arrested another man and charged him with Koh’s kidnapping, successfully preventing from an inquiry into the case to continue.

Koh’s case is not the only one of its kind. It is currently being heard alongside two other missing person’s cases, missing persons Amri Che Mat, as well as Pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth. The inquiry into the Koh case has been scheduled to resume on Dec. 7 after an already year long wait.

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