Military Court in Egypt Sentences Suspected Church Bombers to Death

10/11/0218 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – A week ago, an Egyptian military court sentenced 17 Islamic militants to death. The 17 militants were prosecuted after plotting attacks against Christians and Christian churches in 2016.

The defendants were connected to a suicide bombing inside a chapel at a Coptic Orthodox Church in December of 2016 in Cairo. As a result of the bombing, over 25 Christians were killed. Additionally, some of the 17 defendants were also convicted of another suicide bombing in Alexandria and Tanta in April f 2017.

While many are grateful for the verdict, believing this may help decease the persecution and discrimination of Christians in Egypt, others are not so sure claiming the trial was unfair.

Amnesty International, a human rights organization, said that the verdict was a “grossly unfair military trial.” They went on saying “There is no doubt that the perpetrators of these horrific attacks should be held accountable for their crimes but handing out a mass death sentence after an unfair military trial is not justice and will not deter further sectarian attacks.”

The verdict for the 17 defendants can still be appealed if they request further investigation or a new trial.

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