Kindergarten Class Brings New Hope to Iraq’s Christians after ISIS

10/10/2018 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – Seventeen months after Qaraqosh’s residents began heading home following ISIS’s invasion of their town in 2014, residents are beginning to see the signs of new life again. One of the signs of a new beginning in this community, is a kindergarten classroom.

The classroom full of students, who were just infants when their families were forced to flee, is sponsored by the Jesuit Refugee Service. The school was designed for low-income families near a particular apartment complex that the Syriac Catholic Church supports.

The goal of the new kindergarten class is to help the children of low-income families receive a good education and help rebuild their lives.

The city is in month 17 of a two-year rebuilding plan, but is currently only 38% rebuilt. The president of the Church Supreme Board for the Reconstruction of Baghdeda (the city’s Assyrian name) stated that the issue is not a lack of time, but the lack of funds available to rebuild.

Shaheed Saad Bakoos, a 25-year-old school supervisor, said that she’s not fearful of what is to come because she has her family with her. She said that she loves her job and what gets to do every day.

“The children are so happy, they always make me smile. They [help me] sleep through the night,” she said happily.

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