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10/07/2018 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) –  Within a week, the island of Sulawesi suffered a horrible tragedy including an earthquake, a tsunami, and a volcano eruption. Reports have verified that over 1,400 people are dead, 800 people are missing, and 60,000 people are displaced.

15 miles south of Palu, in the town of Jono Oge a Bible camp was destroyed. Over 200 highs school students were in the building when the earthquake hit.

The magnitude of the earthquake created liquefaction of the soil. When liquefaction occurs the soil becomes like that of liquid, with ripples and waves. It is extremely dangers and can kill hundreds of people.

Currently 30 people from the Bible camp have been confirmed dead and 55 students are missing.  When liquefaction started many students ran into the hilly wooded area behind the school, it is believing that the 55 missing students are in those woods.

One student from the Bible Camp said “yesterday I had a bed to sleep in. I was safe. I was well. Today I am sleeping in the middle of the forest. I have nothing to eat and nothing to drink. I have my brother, our clothes are ripped, and that’s all we have.”

Please continue to pray for Palu and other places affected by the disastrous tsunami. ICC’s partner on the ground is currently looking for God’s strategy to enter that area and bring hope of Jesus to the broken hearted.

For interviews with Gina Goh, ICC’s Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: [email protected]