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10/06/2018 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  This year has increasingly proven challenging for Iranian Christians, who are facing a significant wave of judicial pressure. Many point to this as the Iranian regime reacting against domestic unrest and foreign pressure. The regime’s identity stems from Islam; thus, the government is ruled by a combination of the political and religious elite. Christianity is commonly perceived as a threat against national security.

Christianity is growing at an amazing pace in Iran, as many have become weary of Islam’s harsh rule over every aspect of life. Although it is not exceptionally hard for an Iranian to learn about Christianity, there are a number of challenges which do arise when a Muslim converts. Often, they are abused or disowned by their family. Joining a community of local Christians is risky. Technically, it is illegal for Muslims to convert and the discovery of their newfound faith could lead to imprisonment or worse.

The church in Iran is in great need of prayer as these difficulties compound. Many have fled the country to nations such as Turkey, where the persecution of Christians is on the rise. Those believers who flee do so with the knowledge that their family and friends may also be targeted, even if they themselves are not Christians.

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