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Healing the Helpless in Rural Nepal: Part 1

10/05/2018 Nepal (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Yubak has endured many difficulties in his life. This fact was evi­dent as I looked into his tired eyes while traveling in rural Nepal earlier this year. Serving as a pastor in Nepal’s rural Sinduli District has not been easy, but the difficulties started long before Yubak’s ministry began.

“My mother died when I was only four,” Yubak said as he began to share his testimony. “After that, my father abandoned me and I lived as an orphan until I was eight. That was when I first heard the Gospel.”

While on the street, Yubak received a book­let entitled “Men’s Heart.” It was a Gospel tract. When he read it, he was immediately drawn to the Scriptures that explained that Jesus would never abandon those who fol­lowed him.

“This had a huge effect on me,” Yubak explained. “This is what initially attracted me to Christ.”

After hearing the Gospel for the first time, Yubak was taken in by his uncle, the only Christian in his extended family. Yubak revealed his growing beliefs and his uncle gave him a Bible. Eventually, his faith in Jesus led Yubak to study at a Bible college in Kathmandu.

After completing Bible college, Yubak received a vision about starting a ministry back in Sinduli. Following this vision, Yubak returned to Sinduli and established a success­ful ministry among his native villages.

“I established a church here in this village,” Yubak shared. “I have also been able to establish four other daughter churches. Now, I have been selected as the chairman of local churches in the Sinduli District.”

The success of Yubak’s ministry did not go unnoticed by radicals in Sinduli. In April 2017, radical Hindus attacked Yubak and another pastor as they travelled between villages.

“We were returning from Sinduli town after a church meeting at around 9:30 p.m.,” Yubak recalled. “We had to cross the Mareen River and waited by the river’s edge before crossing.”

“Pastor Om and I noticed a motorbike with three young people following us,” Yubak continued. “When they caught up to us, they pulled in front of my motorbike and turned it off. One of them said, ‘We know you.’ I responded, ‘I have never seen you. Who are you?’”

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming tomorrow.

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