Chinese Crack Down Leads to Many Arrest and Church Closures in Myanmar

10/06/2018 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) –  The Chinese government has yet again pressured the United Wa State Army (UWSA) to clampdown on Christians in Wa State, Myanmar. This crackdown on Christianity has led to multiple arrest along with church and school closures.

A pastor in the Lahu Baptist Convention stated that this year over 92 pastors have been detained, three churches have been completely destroyed, and 52 churches were shut down all together. Additionally, they UWSA has forcibly recruited over 40 young students from Bible schools along the border.

The UWSA is claiming that any church build after 1992, was built illegally and therefore will be destroyed.

A Swedish journalist and Myanmar expert, Bertil Lintner, said that “the emergence of new Christian communities in the Wa Hills is worrisome (for the Chinese government) because they may have links with underground churches in China and the West.”

Bertil claimed that China would rather have political opposition than faith-based movements, because they fear that faith-based movements will challenge the authority within China and revolt against the communist party.

Secondly, the Chinese government knows that the Christians have ties with Western countries, including the United States. Reports have come forward saying that China does not want Western missionaries along the border or Myanmar, along the Wa Hills.

Myanmar’s has yet to make a statement or seek to intervene on behalf of the Chinese crackdown.

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