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19 More Killed in a Bassa Village as Siege of Plateau Continues

10/05/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – There has been another large attack in Plateau State, Nigeria by Fulani Militants. This attack took place on Wednesday, October 3 late at night. The community of Ariri was asleep and unaware that they were about to be attacked. Then gunshots rang through the air and woke the people. The initial reports have claimed that 19 people were killed during this attack.

There have also been several other attacks over the past couple of weeks in which another three dozen people were killed. Plateau state has become the epicenter of this ever-changing and expanding conflict between Fulani militants and Christian Farming communities.

Right at the beginning of 2018, Benue seemed to be the state that would suffer the most losses and be the central conflict location; but as the anti-grazing bill has taken effect there have been fewer attacks. This bill may have pushed the militants more north though into other states like Plateau and Nasarawa.

The Nigeria government continue to deny the fact that this is more than just a small communal conflict despite the fact that the Fulani militants have engaged with dozens of different tribes, communities, and locations over the years. They need to begin to truly fight this battle before they no longer have the ability to stop the violence from becoming all-out war.

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