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10/03/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – HBO is set to debut their new documentary, STOLEN DAUGHTERS: KIDNAPPED BY BOKO HARAM, on Oct 22. This documentary is a retelling of the lives of the 82 Chibok girls who were released in May 2017 by Boko Haram. It tracks them from their time in the government safe house in Abuja through their first year of freedom.

These 82 girls spent more than three years as captives in Boko Haram’s control. They were subjected to forced conversions, marriages, births, and many other terrible things. Along with the other 194 girls that were taken in April of 2014, these girls underwent some of the most traumatic experiences that a young girl, or any person can go through. Despite this, many of the young women have emerged from the trauma and are returning to normal lives.

This show will give insight into the trauma and terror that this group uses to attack the people of Nigeria. It will also show the true strength of these young women. Boko Haram is still one of the top three most active and deadliest terrorist groups in the world.

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