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10/02/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Due to continued violence in Plateau State, Nigeria, the capital city of Jos has been put under curfew again. This is the second time in several months that the city has been forced into homes during the dark hours. This was kicked off by violence in which nearly 20 people were killed. According to our sources in Nigeria, the attacks were conducted by Fulani militants, some of whom were wearing military uniforms, in the city outskirts.

The attack also took place near an army outpost, yet none of the military personnel stopped the killing for several hours. This has become an all too common experience during these attacks in Nigeria. People have come to doubt whether the Nigerian military is actually there to stop violence or if it is just a political move to say that something is being done.

The 17 people killed were Christians who were in their own homes and had not been involved in any known previous acts of violence. There were 4 children and several elderly people among this groups of innocents. The continued violence is leading to a more destabilized populace who must continue fleeing to safer areas and larger cities.

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