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09/27/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – On September 20, 2018, Fulani militants attacked a group of Christians from Ancha Baptist Church in Ancha, Plateau State, Nigeria. The villagers were returning home from a trip to Miango, the largest nearby town, when they were ambushed. The Fulani militants killed two immediately by their gunfire, while another five escaped with various injuries.

Markus Musa, one of those who escaped, was hit in the intestines by the bullets. This injury often has very little chance of survival, even in the best of circumstances.  Thankfully, he was taken to a nearby hospital and given emergency surgery which lasted four hours.  As of now he is surviving, and the other four are alive. There have not been any arrests in this attack, as is all too often the case in these attacks.

The Pastor of the Baptist Church and the family of Markus are asking for prayer and recovery for Markus as he must still go through more surgeries and a long healing process. The government of Nigeria also must start taking this threat seriously. This is no longer just a fight over land ownership. This was an attack on a defenseless group of people that were not using or stealing land, and were not even at home. President Buhari and much of the international media must stop rationalizing and minimizing these horrible acts of violence.

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