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Catholic Priest Abducted at Gunpoint in Marawi

09/25/2018 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – Catholic priest Teresito Soganub was abducted by terroist gunmen, along with other hostages on May 23rd 2017. For 117 days the terrorist ground held the priest captive. Although, they told him they would not kill him he admitted feeling uncertain, unsure of what the days ahead would look like for him. He was being held, to send a message to the government to stop the air strikes against the terrorist group. The so-called siege of Marawi lasted for 5 months and once it ended, the priest was released.

On September 17, the priest celebrated a year of freedom since his release. The priest claims this is his first year, in his “second life”. The second chance given to him after such a close encounter with death. To celebrate the priest celebrated Mass by having dinner with loved ones. Friends, family, and neighbors came by for the Mass to celebrate with him. He claims that seeing his family and friends helps him overcome the trauma of the encounter.

“We faced death so many times for 24 hours a day over 117 days,” said Father Soganub. “I asked the Lord to accompany me and bless me in my healing process.”

Today, the Priest believes that he will overcome what happened to him. He frequently sees a doctor and a counselor to help him overcome the challenges of the past. He continues to campaign for peace in Mindanao’s conflict. He claims that “the way of Jesus, is the way of peace” and wants everyone to live in peace.

The priest says that as the “new year” of his life starts he will continue to advocate for peace and pray for those taken hostage with him, who did not make it out alive as he did.

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