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09/23/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) –  The Sisters of St. Mary’s Coptic Church and Convent in Bethlehem have recently attended a hearing in one of three separate court cases. The first court case is regarding a family who is illegally occupying convent property. The two other cases were opened against a female and two male assailants against Sister Maria and Sister Esther.

The recent hearing was in regards to Sister Maria. Her assailant had opened up a counter-case against her. The hearing was scheduled on September 13, but because her assailant did not attend the hearing, it was postponed until November 12. Sister Esther’s case is scheduled for a hearing on October 17.

There have been multiple delays in each of these three cases. It is believed that because the defendants are connected to the Palestinian Authorities, the delays are an intentional abuse of the judicial process. Christians in Palestine face a number of challenges, particularly harassment and discrimination within society. We must keep the Sisters of St. Mary in our prayers that their situation would soon resolve in a way which protects their civil rights.


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