Pakistani Assaulted with Acid for Christian Faith  

ICC Note: Faraz Baddar was attacked with acid by two men when coming home from work. Reports state that he was attacked because the two men disliked his Christians faith. Faraz is currently under medical condition as a result of the injury.

09/20/2018 Pakistan (Christians In Pakistan) – A young Pakistani Christian sprayed in a “male acid attack,” as he suffers life-changing injuries. Gujranwala’s Faraz Baddar was attacked by unknown men – acid attacks are most often seen as a crime against women. Details emerged that Faraz has been attacked previously, as he was tortured by the attackers.

The incident unfolded as Faraz was returning from his workplace. He was on his way home, when he was intercepted by two men riding a motorcycle. As a result of this, his entire body was burnt. Faraz is currently receiving medical treatment in Mayo Hospital, Lahore. He is kept in the burns unit of the hospital where he jostles to get back to normal life.

The attack appears a result of religion based dislike. Social media reports claim that the attack comes as a result of extreme emotional hatred due to his Christian faith. It is being speculated that he was disliked, because his fellows did not like being working under the authority of a Christian.

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