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09/20/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – On September 19, 2018, Boko Haram terrorists attack three villages in Borno State, Nigeria. During the attack, they killed nearly 10 individuals and injured a dozen others. They also set fire to much of these villages before they escaped with stolen goods.

It is unsure at this time which faction is responsible for this attack. Historically, the Abubakar Shekau faction has been more likely to attack civilian targets utilizing this type of hit and run tactic while the other really attack governmental and military targets. However, after the recent change of leadership in the Islamic State backed faction, ISWAP, their tactics seemed to have changed as well. They are believed to be the group that executed Saifura Khorsa, an ICRC worker, this past week.

With this change in tactics, there is now no way to tell which group is responsible for these attacks and makes Borno State an even more dangerous place for Nigerian Citizens, and Christians specifically, to live. The Nigerian Government must admit that they are incapable of defeating this group and must look for help from outside the country to assist in the fight with this evil organization. If they do not, then Boko Haram’s two factions are very likely to continue attacking civilians through the North East of the country.


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