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09/19/2018 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – On September 14, 2018, Fulani militants attacked and killed two young Christian boys who were caring for a herd of cows. The boys, Ntyang Pam Danjuma and Mesheck Dalyop Kang’ageda, were aged 9 and 10 and came from the Berom people of Southern Plateau State in Nigeria. A third child who was with them at the time, was able to escape and raise the alarm about the attack. The bodies of the two young men were found maimed by bullet wounds and slashed by machetes.

The police stationed in that area are searching for the perpetrators of this attack, though they are unlikely to find them. These types of attacks have become very common this year in Plateau, Nigeria, with hundreds having been killed so far. This attack also takes place less than two months after another group of attacks that claimed 230 lives in the same area.

The Nigerian Government continues to be complacent in dealing with the problem of the Fulani Militants, who have in 2018 killed nearly three times as many people as Boko Haram. If they do not ensure the safety pf all of their people, they are going to have continued fighting that will increase as communities decide to defend themselves and their families.

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