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09/15/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – The Bishop General of Minya, Anba Maiarius, continues to urge the government to restore the rights of Egypt’s persecuted Christians and use the rule of law following attacks against the persecuted religious minority. A number of mob attacks, sparked by rumors that an official church might open in the village, have plagued Upper Egypt in recent weeks.

The most recent attack occurred in Dimshau Hashim at the end of August. Christian homes were plundered, their properties set on fire, and four believers reported injuries. Thirty-eight Muslims were initially arrested but nineteen have since been released. The Christian victims are under pressure to waive their legal rights and instead enter into a reconciliation session with their attackers.

It is common for Christians to be further victimized during reconciliation sessions. They are often faulted for inciting the attack by exercising their constitutional right of freedom of worship. The state does not ensure that this right is protected during reconciliation sessions. As a result, it is not unusual for Christians to be pressured to close their church for an undetermined length of time. They may even experience pressure to compensate their attackers in some way, often financially or through property.

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