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09/13/2018 South Sudan (International Christian Concern) – South Sudan is a majority Christian nation that was formed due to the long time persecution of the Sudanese government, who uses Sharia to guide its principles and laws. South Sudan gained its independence in 2011 after years of fighting for its freedom. Less than two years after this, Salva Kiir, the president, and one of his main advisers, Riek Machar, had a dispute. This dispute turned into a violent and deadly civil war that has lasted more than 5 years, killed tens of thousands and displaced millions of people. This civil war has led to South Sudan being one of the top two weakest and most corrupt governments in the world.

After months of talks, disagreements, and attempts at peace, the two leaders of the separate sides have finally signed a permanent ceasefire. The cease fire will hopefully end this major conflict and bring stability to a people that has long suffered. However, there are major concerns that the ceasefire will not last long. The two men have a history of mistrust that could very easily end the agreement. The three main countries that led the talks, Great Britain, Norway, and the United States have seen these agreements fail on several previous occasions and are not sure that these men will ever truly be work together.

ICC is hopeful that this peace agreement will hold and will mean an end to the wanton and unnecessary killing of thousands of Christians. However, due to the horrible economic conditions, poor food security and continued mistrust from these two leaders, this conflict is likely to continue until one side beats the other, or these two men are no longer in power. We will continue to monitor it closely as it remains the youngest country in the world and continues to affect millions of Christians everyday.

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