Chinese Communist Party Members Face Dismissal for Practicing Religion

09/13/2018 China (International Christian Concern) – In an effort to strengthen party ideology and better control its members, the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has published newly revised regulations targeting party members who have religious faith. Those who practice any religion will face dismissal and the regulations will be strictly enforced.

The regulations were published on Aug. 25 and will be in effect starting October. The Chinese government also published a circular demanding party members across the country to ensure implementation.

Previously, party members would only receive warning of ‘minor offense’ for partaking any religious activities. With the revision, such members will be subjected to ideological education. If they still fail to forego religious participation, they will be dismissed from the party.

The CCP’s policy of eliminating religion has been in place since its founding but has become more severe after President Xi Jiping came to office. The erosion of religious freedom in China intensifies especially after the implementation of revised regulations on religious affairs last February.

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