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ICC Note:  Four Christian journalists associated with a press syndicate organizing a trip to Egypt’s Sinai region have been told that they cannot participate in the trip. The tourism company said that security forces were unable to protect Copts in the area. Rather than canceling the entire trip because of security conditions, the Christians were disinvited.      

09/11/2018 Egypt (Watani) –  The activity committee of the Journalists ‘Syndicate in cooperation with Egypt Tourism Company announced two weeks ago a trip to Taba. The participants were surprised today by the journalists’ union with the four Christian fellows who participated in the trip, stating that “the management of Misr Tourism Company apologizes to Christian colleagues for their participation. And they should get back to the union to take back their Subscription fees.

And to make sure of the above communication, we talked with Professor Hussein al-Zanati, head of the union’s activity committee, who assured us that Egypt Tourism Company informed them yesterday that they would not accept any Christian participants because the road to Taba is not safe for them.

When asked if this meant canceling the trip to security conditions, Al-Zanati confirmed that the trip would take place on time but without Christian colleagues.

Mr. Hussain apologized, saying that this was based on a decision by the tourism company.

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