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ICC Note: In China’s most recent attempt to control Christianity, China places a ban on all online religious activities. This includes streaming of ceremonies and prayer among other activities. The new set of rules are the most restrictive measures implemented in China so far as it attempts to halt religious growth within the country.

9/11/2018 China (AsiaNews) – From now on, all online evangelization is forbidden. The state administration for religious affairs yesterday issued rules on religious activities via the internet that forbid the streaming of religious ceremonies (live on the internet), including prayer, preaching and even burning incense.

The new rules also prohibit some sensitive content: it is forbidden to post the slightest criticism of the Party’s leadership and official religious policy; promote the participation of minors in religious ceremonies, use religion to overthrow the socialist system.

The new rules are published on the Chinese government’s legal information website under the heading “Measures for the management of religious information on the Internet”. They are still in draft form and await comments from the public, but as is almost always the case, the draft is in practice the final text.

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