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ICC Note: In the midst of rising persecution from Chinese officials for displaying Christian symbols and images, Fr. Stanislaus believes hiding images is a betrayal of his faith. As Christians live in fear of persecution in China, Fr. Stanislaus is steadfast in declaring his faith openly and continues to fight for his right to practice religious freedom.

09/06/2018 China (AsiaNews) – Fr Stanislaus is an elderly priest in a Henan parish. Speaking to a member of his congregation, who justified hiding sacred objects to obey local authorities, he said “The time of persecution has not yet arrived! [. . .] Should greater persecution come, one might understand your fear and betray Jesus Christ, but now, it’s not the time yet! For the clergyman, hiding images is a bit like betraying Jesus Christ, especially since the Chinese constitution guarantees religious freedom.

it is public knowledge that a campaign is underway in various Chinese provinces (HenanXinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, etc.) to remove sacred images, destroy crosses, wipe out religious signs and replace them with the Chinese flag and party slogans. This is part of a campaign to sinicise religion and implement new religious regulations.

The story that follows shows how local authorities are willing to pay people to obey the new rules, fearful of what their superiors might do. In his last words, Fr Stanislaus says that faith “should not be negotiated”, that believers should be “steadfast” in their faith.

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